Hello to all my faithful fans! In case you haven't noticed (and if you're as faithful as I just said you are, I'm sure you have noticed ;P), this site is no longer maintained. I never was able to get past the writer's block that Issue Four presented, and a lack of momentum has brought an end to this series, despite my greatest wishes for it to continue. I have only been updating this site about once a year, and making hollow promises left and right, disappointing friends and fans. My interests have moved in another direction. MediaMax, the online hosting service that I had been using to store all of my artwork, has announced that they will be going out of business, and most of my artwork was lost because the message was sent to an old email that I don't use anymore. This further discouraged me, and finalized my decision to discontinue the series and take down the site. If you wish to continue keeping an eye on the goings-on of my life, you may visit my current site www.drawtaru.deviantart.com . I am very active with that site and very rarely do I go more than a month without updating. I typically check it several times a day for messages and new art by the people who inspire me, so it is a very good place to get in touch with me if you so desire. Making an account on that site is free, so if you have art of your own, please post some, and let me know so I can look at it. :)

I'm very sorry that it has come time to take down this site, but I look forward to having you drop by my DeviantArt account, and hope that you continue watching me there.